versace pour homme fake vs original bottleAre you looking to buy the Versace Pour Homme fragrance? Then you want to be sure that you buy the real deal. unfortunately there are many (online) stores out there selling Versace Pour Homme fake perfumes. And sometimes it can be very difficult to see whether it’s fake or original.

That’s why I’ll show you in this article exactly how you can check (and verify) if the bottle you’re about to buy is the original one or not.

Note: I recommend buying perfume from trusted sellers. You can take the guess and buy it from non-reputable stores, but chances are high you’re going to end up with a non-original bottle. If you’re looking for the real deal – click here to order the original Versace Pour Homme from Amazon.

Is your Versace Pour Homme fake?

If you’ve ever tried to find good deals on a bottle of fragrance, then you know that there are so many sellers out there that try to sell you on some cheap fake formula. The reasons for this are simple:

There is a huge mark-up on most perfumes and if scammers can even get you to pay half of the original cost for a fake, then they can make a lot of profit.

Luckily the signs of fake perfumes are pretty easy to spot. And here are 5 questions that will help you verify whether the Versace perfume you’re about to buy is real.

Here’s a picture of how your Versace bottle should look like. You can see both the bottle AND the original box in which it comes. Always check that both the box and the bottle are original.

versace pour homme fake
This is how the real Versace Pour Homme box and bottle should look like.

5 signs that you don’t have a Versace Pour Homme fake

#1 How is the name spelled?

Let’s start with the obvious things first. Always check if the name on the bottle and box is spelled as it should be: Versace Pour Homme.

it may sound painfully logical for you, but there are many cases when people bought a bottle of Versacce Pour Home and then later found out they bought a fake one.

Please avoid this and always check the name carefully. Many fake perfume producers like to misspell the name since they won’t get into copyright problems with the official producer of the perfume.

#2 Is the box original?

The second thing to check is if the box is original. This is important since if you’ve got a different box, it could be that people have tried to mess with the perfume.

Also check if the bottle is the same as the one you see on the above picture. Check if the serial number was written down and if the sprayer is working correctly.

If either the box or bottle aren’t original, then the chances are very high that you’re dealing with a Versace Pour Home fake.

#3 What’s the reputation of the seller?

If everything is alright with the box and the bottle, but you’re still a bit suspicious, then it’s time to do a quick background check on the seller:

  • Is it the department store in your town where you’ve bought stuff since childhood? Then you’re probably dealing with the real perfume here.
  • Is it a shady store in a back alley that looks like they would sell anything that they can get their hands on? Use your own judgement, but it could be fake.
  • Is it a street seller on  a touristic place? 99% chance sure that you’re about to buy a fake Versace bottle.

#4 Is the price too good to be true?

If the store looks reputable but you’re still not a 100% sure, then you need to do a quick check on the price. Click here to see how much a bottle of Versace pour Homme costs on Amazon.

Now compare that to the price of the bottle you’re about to buy. (don’t forget to get compare the right sizes with each other). If the bottle is more than half the price of what you can buy it on Amazon, then you’re likely having a fake bottle in your hands.

If the price of a perfume looks to good to be true, it most likely is.

#5 How is the fragrance?

There is a reason why the last question on this list is about the smell of the fragrance. That is because it is a lot easier to check whether a bottle is fake by checking the bottle, box and the seller.

After all, these can give a clear indicator if it’s a Versace Pour Homme fake.

But let’s get back to the smell. And why it’s last on this list. You see, smell is a very subjective thing. And especially when talking about perfume.

Just take a look at any  fragrance forum. Each person experiences a fragrance in his own way. And that’s why it’s tough to check whether a perfume is fake just by the smell.

Often the fake perfume smells almost exactly like the original – but a bit more chemical (and it won’t last as long).

An easy way to check this would be to ask if you can spray the perfume on your wrists and try it for a day. Then if the smell keeps it longevity on you – you ca come back the next day and buy it.

Another strategy that I recommend is to always check some perfumes in duty-free stores before you go flying. You can be sure that they have original ones.

Put on some tester (preferably only 1 per flight) and make a mental note how the fragrance smells. Also check how long it lasts on you and if there are any changes over time.

Now, when you’re faced with a potentially fake bottle, you can compare the smell. And see if it’s like the original one.

Smell is one of the strongest senses, so chances are very high that you’ll be able to smell even the slightest differences. If it smells completely the same as the original you tried before, then it’s probably a real bottle of Versace pour Homme!

Conclusion Versace Pour Homme fake

There are many people who want to benefit from the good brand of Versace and are selling fake Pour Homme bottles out there.

These fragrances don’t last as long as the real one and smell more chemically.

Please use these 5 questions as a guide to let you know whether a Versace Pour Homme fragrance is original or not.

As always, I recommend buying your fragrances from trusted sellers.


P.S. found out your bottle of Versace Pour Homme was fake? Then order an original bottle from Amazon here!

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  1. Thanks for your tips on cheking if it’s the real perfume or not! I was travelling and decided to quickly look it up. Saved me from buying a fake versace pour homme! Thanks a lot!

  2. Saved me from getting a fake bottle. Thanks! I am now getting it from Amazon. Might cost a bit more – but I really wanted the real one.

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