Many people take Relora to optimize their hormones. It’s a traditions Chinese medicine that supports hormones, adrenal function and wellbeing. One other reason why you might be interested in Relora is if you want to see if it helps you with Relora hair loss…

Is it possible that a combination of 2 useful ancient chinese herbs can cause hair loss? Or is actually a supplement that will prevent it. In today’s article we’ll dive into the science how Relora works, what it does and if you should continue taking it if you experience hair loss.

Note: I’m not a doctor. If you experience something weird after starting to take Relora, then it’s better to stop and ask your doctor.

Does Relora cause hair loss or prevent it?

In theory, Relora could cause hair loss as it optimizes your hormones. In men, having too much of testosterone can speed up normal balding. So if you’re prone to it, having too much testosterone or DHEA can make you lose hair.

However, Relora also decreases stress and optimizes your general wellbeing and hormones. And as you know, the healthier you are, the stronger your hair will be and this in turn will keep them safely on your ead.

What is Relora used for?

relora is a combination of two herbs from Ancient Chinese medicine. The combination of tree barks balances the HPA axis (hypothalamic pituitary adrenal, which is responsible for your hormones). Here are some of the benefits of taking Relora:


  • Supports normal adrenal function
  • Maintains tolerance to occasional stress
  • Promotes calm, without causing drowsiness
  • Supports normal sleep

There are few side effects to taking Relora. However, if you experience balding and hair loss, then you should be more careful.

Studies have shown that the combination of Magnolia and Phellodendron (better known as RElora can reduce cortisol. This means that it decreases the perceived daily stress and improves several mood parameters, such as lower fatigue and higher vigor:


“These results indicate that daily supplementation with a combination of Magnolia bark extract and Phellodendron bark extract (Relora®) reduces cortisol exposure and perceived daily stress, while improving a variety of mood state parameters, including lower fatigue and higher vigor. These results suggest an effective natural approach to modulating the detrimental health effects of chronic stress in moderately stressed adults. Future studies should examine the possible performance and recovery benefits of Relora supplementation in athletes overstressed by the physical and psychological demands of training and competition.”

relora hair loss

Do you experience Relora hair loss?

The final verdict for Relora hair loss is as follows. If you never experienced hair loss and when you started taking Relora, suddenly your hair started falling out – then you should stop taking it.

If you’re curious whether it can help you prevent or stop hair loss, then I have good news. Stress can be one of the main reasons why you’re losing hair. And since Relora can help you deal with stress, it’s a very effective way to stop your hair loss.


P.S. in most cases it’s a good idea to take Relora for hair loss. Unless you specifically experienced it after starting to take Relora, you can continue doing so.


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