Bvlgari Watch Reviews: Consider This Before You Even Think of Buying

bvlgari watch reviewsIf you’re into watches, then you’ve probably always dreamed of owning a real Bvlgari watch. They’re one of the most luxurious and exquisite watches you can find on the planet and some of them even cost more than $30,000. Now, that is the price for the extravagant Bvlgari Women’s Serpenti Diamond White Gold Watch. Now, with these prices you’re of course interested in if it worth getting a watch like that. For that reason you can find Bvlgari watch reviews on this page – so you can find out what others think about the watch.

Note: Bvlgari watches are a real luxury. That means that they’re not for everyone. So if you’re thinking of buying one you should know that it’s not a common people watch. You really need to have a good reason to buy one – maybe you want to buy one for your wife as a present. Or for your son when he’s graduating college. Of course you can also buy it for yourself, but I’d only do that if you really have achieved some major milestone in your life. For example making a great deal at your work or your business that gives you a huge boost in income.

Bvlgari watch reviews: is it worth buying a Bvlgari watch?

The question that everyone is asking before buying a Bvlgari watch: “is it worth it?” I’m here to tell you that it will depend on you and your background. If you’re merely buying it to show that you’ve got the money and to show off – then you can of course buy the watch. Just be sure that you really have the money. Don’t go into debt for buying a watch. Now, this is of course common knowledge, but you’d be surprised how many people would make a decision like this.

But there are many different types of Bvlgari watches, so it would be a very good idea to check out the most popular ones. Here’s an overview of the most popular Bvlgari watches:

What to look for in a Bvlgari watch

Now, obvious with a purchase like this you need to check for a couple of things before you decide which watch is the best suited for your situation. I recommend asking yourself the following question before you pick the watch that you want:

  • Are you giving it as a gift?
  • Are you looking for a men’s or woman’s watch?
  • Do you want a more minimalistic style watch?
  • Or is it something extravagant that you’re looking for?
  • What is your budget?

After asking yourself these questions it will be a lot easier to make the right decision. And with a purchase like this, you want to make the right decision from the bat. After all, it’s a pretty significant purchase.

Bvlgari watch reviews: Bvlgari Women’s Serpenti Silver Watch

bvlgari serpenti watch

“A high-quality watch that will surely draw attention to its simple and exquisite design. It’s made from white gold and brilliant-cut diamonds. Ladies love to wear exquisite watches that are made from gold and diamonds. And if you’re that type of lady, then you can’t go wrong with the Bvlgari Women’s Serpenti Watch. It’s a flexible and minimalistic watch that will easily fit around your wrist. It goes well with virtually every outfit and the shape is made especially for ladies. It’s the perfect type of attention-catcher and your friends sure won’t be able to keep from noticing it.”


Click here to view the price of the Bvlgari Women’s Serpenti Diamond White Gold Watch


Bvlgari watch reviews: Bvlgari Diagono 18K Rose Gold Automatic Chronograph Watch

bvlgari chrono gold watch

“The single most important accessory that makes a man is his watch. Some people might deny that, but if a man can sport a good-looking expensive watch, others will respect him. Now, the trick is to pick a watch that matches exquisity with a simple and minimalistic design. That’s why men are very sensitive to picking the right watch. The Bvlgari Diagono watch with 18K gold Chronograph watch accomplishes exactly that. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other watch with the simplicity and brilliance of design matched together into a single watch. The black strap matches perfectly with the gold frame. If you’re looking for the perfect watch – it’s impossible to go wrong with the Bvlgari Diagono.”


Click here to view the price of the Bvlgari Diagono 18K Rose Gold Automatic Chronograph Watch


Watch out for fakes: only buy from serious sellers

Please note that there are sellers out there who try to profit from a good brand such as Bvlgari. And that they might sell fake watches. Therefore I recommend you always check out a certified seller. Please never buy from sources you don’t trust. It could be a very expensive mistake.

Note: if you have any questions as to whether the watch you’re about to order is an original Bvlgari watch – please leave a message. We’d be happy to help you out and make sure that you make the right decision.

Here you can buy a real Bvlgari watch

If you’re looking to buy a Bvlgari watch online – I recommend you do so via Amazon. The watch will be shipped to your home without any problem whatsoever in a short period of time. On top of that there are many reputable watch sellers – so you’ll know that you’re getting the real watch.

You can order your Bvlgari watch through any of the previous links mentioned under the Bvlgari watch reviews.

You can also order your Bvlgari watch through any of the following links (real sellers):




P.S. is an original Bvlgari watch too expensive for you? Don’t worry – you can buy a certified pre-owned Bvlgari for a fraction of the price. Click here to see for what price you could be the owner of a real Bvlgari watch!

Versace Pour Homme Fake: 5 Signs You’re Getting Scammed!

versace pour homme fake vs original bottleAre you looking to buy the Versace Pour Homme fragrance? Then you want to be sure that you buy the real deal. unfortunately there are many (online) stores out there selling Versace Pour Homme fake perfumes. And sometimes it can be very difficult to see whether it’s fake or original.

That’s why I’ll show you in this article exactly how you can check (and verify) if the bottle you’re about to buy is the original one or not.

Note: I recommend buying perfume from trusted sellers. You can take the guess and buy it from non-reputable stores, but chances are high you’re going to end up with a non-original bottle. If you’re looking for the real deal – click here to order the original Versace Pour Homme from Amazon.

Is your Versace Pour Homme fake?

If you’ve ever tried to find good deals on a bottle of fragrance, then you know that there are so many sellers out there that try to sell you on some cheap fake formula. The reasons for this are simple:

There is a huge mark-up on most perfumes and if scammers can even get you to pay half of the original cost for a fake, then they can make a lot of profit.

Luckily the signs of fake perfumes are pretty easy to spot. And here are 5 questions that will help you verify whether the Versace perfume you’re about to buy is real.

Here’s a picture of how your Versace bottle should look like. You can see both the bottle AND the original box in which it comes. Always check that both the box and the bottle are original.

versace pour homme fake
This is how the real Versace Pour Homme box and bottle should look like.

5 signs that you don’t have a Versace Pour Homme fake

#1 How is the name spelled?

Let’s start with the obvious things first. Always check if the name on the bottle and box is spelled as it should be: Versace Pour Homme.

it may sound painfully logical for you, but there are many cases when people bought a bottle of Versacce Pour Home and then later found out they bought a fake one.

Please avoid this and always check the name carefully. Many fake perfume producers like to misspell the name since they won’t get into copyright problems with the official producer of the perfume.

#2 Is the box original?

The second thing to check is if the box is original. This is important since if you’ve got a different box, it could be that people have tried to mess with the perfume.

Also check if the bottle is the same as the one you see on the above picture. Check if the serial number was written down and if the sprayer is working correctly.

If either the box or bottle aren’t original, then the chances are very high that you’re dealing with a Versace Pour Home fake.

#3 What’s the reputation of the seller?

If everything is alright with the box and the bottle, but you’re still a bit suspicious, then it’s time to do a quick background check on the seller:

  • Is it the department store in your town where you’ve bought stuff since childhood? Then you’re probably dealing with the real perfume here.
  • Is it a shady store in a back alley that looks like they would sell anything that they can get their hands on? Use your own judgement, but it could be fake.
  • Is it a street seller on  a touristic place? 99% chance sure that you’re about to buy a fake Versace bottle.

#4 Is the price too good to be true?

If the store looks reputable but you’re still not a 100% sure, then you need to do a quick check on the price. Click here to see how much a bottle of Versace pour Homme costs on Amazon.

Now compare that to the price of the bottle you’re about to buy. (don’t forget to get compare the right sizes with each other). If the bottle is more than half the price of what you can buy it on Amazon, then you’re likely having a fake bottle in your hands.

If the price of a perfume looks to good to be true, it most likely is.

#5 How is the fragrance?

There is a reason why the last question on this list is about the smell of the fragrance. That is because it is a lot easier to check whether a bottle is fake by checking the bottle, box and the seller.

After all, these can give a clear indicator if it’s a Versace Pour Homme fake.

But let’s get back to the smell. And why it’s last on this list. You see, smell is a very subjective thing. And especially when talking about perfume.

Just take a look at any  fragrance forum. Each person experiences a fragrance in his own way. And that’s why it’s tough to check whether a perfume is fake just by the smell.

Often the fake perfume smells almost exactly like the original – but a bit more chemical (and it won’t last as long).

An easy way to check this would be to ask if you can spray the perfume on your wrists and try it for a day. Then if the smell keeps it longevity on you – you ca come back the next day and buy it.

Another strategy that I recommend is to always check some perfumes in duty-free stores before you go flying. You can be sure that they have original ones.

Put on some tester (preferably only 1 per flight) and make a mental note how the fragrance smells. Also check how long it lasts on you and if there are any changes over time.

Now, when you’re faced with a potentially fake bottle, you can compare the smell. And see if it’s like the original one.

Smell is one of the strongest senses, so chances are very high that you’ll be able to smell even the slightest differences. If it smells completely the same as the original you tried before, then it’s probably a real bottle of Versace pour Homme!

Conclusion Versace Pour Homme fake

There are many people who want to benefit from the good brand of Versace and are selling fake Pour Homme bottles out there.

These fragrances don’t last as long as the real one and smell more chemically.

Please use these 5 questions as a guide to let you know whether a Versace Pour Homme fragrance is original or not.

As always, I recommend buying your fragrances from trusted sellers.


P.S. found out your bottle of Versace Pour Homme was fake? Then order an original bottle from Amazon here!

Fake Hugo Boss Perfume: Don’t Buy Hugo Boss Before You’ve Read This

hugo boss fake vs real perfumeScared to buy a fake Hugo boss perfume? You should be. Hugo Boss Cologne for men is one of the most popular cologne in the world – and that attracts many scammers who want to take advantage of that. It’s one of the perfumes of which there are the most fakes out there. And that means that you have to do some careful research before you buy a bottle.

You want to be sure that the bottle is the original Hugo Boss one. And in this article I’ll give you the 5 telltale signs that the bottle you’re about to buy is a fake Hugo Boss perfume.

you’re probably curious to find out what these 5 signs are, right? So let’s dive in and find out how YOU can check and verify whether you’ve got the real Hugo Boss or a fake one.

Watch out for fake Hugo Boss perfume

The more popular something gets, the more people want to get in on that, Hugo Boss is a pretty expensive cologne – so there’s a lot to be gained for people who make fake perfume.

You don’t want to get a fake bottle. The fragrance will smell chemically and often it also won’t last as long as the original. You might even need to respray it several times throughout the day if you want to keep smelling nice.

A good perfume (like the original Hugo Boss) will last for a good day, so you’ll save a lot of money in the end by getting the real deal.

But let’s check what the signs are of a fake Hugo Boss perfume – so you can avoid buying it.

5 signs you’re Hugo Boss Cologne is fake

#1 Is the box like the original?

The first thing you want to check is the box. Because the box is one of the things that most scammers don’t really try to beat. It’s too much effort and sometimes they even deliberately change things (such as the spelling of the name) in order to avoid getting sued by the original producers.

Take a look at the picture below to see exactly how the box should look like. If it looks like anything different from the one shown here – then it’s very likely that the bottle is fake.

Check carefully for the correct spelling of the name, serial number and specifications. If you see anything strange (or weird prints or lay-out mistakes), then please check this with the picture.

If the box is not like the original one, chances are very high that it’s a fake perfume.

fake hugo boss perfume guide
This is how the real Hugo Boss cologne should look like (1.6 oz)

#2 And how does the bottle itself look like?

If the box looks alright, you should now check the bottle itself. You can check how the original bottle looks like in the same picture above. This is how a 1.6 oz bottle should look like.

Again, if anything looks weird about the bottle, then check this very carefully with the picture. And if they’re not alike – then don’t buy it.

Here I also recommend that you check if the sprayer works correctly. It should give a firm spray and it shouldn’t leak or be musky. The spray button itself should give a fair amount of resistance when you try to press it.

#3 How does the perfume smell?

You’ve pressed the sprayer, so onto the next question. How does the perfume smell? Maybe you’ve tried on a real Hugo Boss cologne before at a friend’s place or at a duty-free store in the airport?

If yes, then you know how the real smell should be. Compare the smell of the bottle to how you remember the smell when you tried it before.

Small subtle changes are okay – since you’re comparing a memory of a smell. But if it smells completely different from what you remember, then that could be a sign of a fake.

#4 is the seller reputable?

After checking if the fragrance is al right, and you’re still not sure, you can check the seller. Is it a reputable store where you’ve been many times? Then chances are high that they sell the real perfume.

Or are you dealing with a street seller on a touristic spot? Then I’d recommend not buying, since street sellers are notorious for their fake brand stuff (perfumes included).

If it’s a tough decision (for instance a little shop where you’ve never been before), then it can also help to check out some reviews on google of the place.

#5 What is the price?

The last thing you want to check is the price. Since the markups on perfume are so huge, fake sellers are generally alright with selling the perfume way below regular prices.

Click here to check the price of Hugo Boss on Amazon. Now ask your seller what his price is.

Check if the volume is the same. And if the seller is giving too much discount (let’s say 50% of the price on Amazon), then it’s fair to say that he’s selling the fake.

If a price seems to good to be true, then you can safely assume that it is. And stay away from the seller.

Conclusion fake Hugo Boss perfume

I hope that you’ve found this guide useful. Fake perfumes are a big problem, but with the right knowledge you can avoid getting scammed.

If you’ve found out that the perfume you were about to buy is the original one, then congrats – you can safely buy it knowing that you’re making the right decision.

And if you found that you were dealing with a fake Hugo Boss perfume… then it’s better to continue looking. even though it might be very cheap, fake perfumes smell chemically, don’t last as long as they should and it’s better to avoid them.

As always, I recommend you buy for trusted and reputable sellers to make sure you get your hands on a quality Hugo Boss fragrance.



P.S. if you’re looking for a reputable online seller of Hugo Boss cologne, then please check out Amazon!

Davidoff Cool Water Original VS Fake: 5 Signs To Avoid Getting Scammed

davidoff cool water original fakeHave you recently bought a Davidoff Cool Water perfume? But is the smell a little ‘off’ and do you suspect that it’s a fake? Or are you looking to buy Cool Water and do you want to make sure you order the original Cool Water perfume? In each case it’s important to ask yourself the following 5 questions to find the difference between the Davidoff Cool Water Original VS Fake!

In this article I’ll give you the 5 exact questions you have to ask yourself in order to find out if you’ve got the original Cool Water bottle…

Davidoff Cool Water Original VS Fake

When should you be concerned if your bottle is fake? Well, here are a couple of reasons when it’s a good idea to check if your Cool Water is fake or not:

  • The smell doesn’t last long – if the cologne only lasts for an hour maximum it could be that you’ve got a fake. To check this it is best to ask someone else after a couple of hours of spraying if he (or she) can smell it. Because your nose might have become insensitive to it.
  • It smells chemically – if you smell long enough, virtually every perfume will start to smell chemically. But if it smells like that right from the start, you might have a fake Cool Water bottle in your hands.
  • The price is too good to be true – suddenly see a bottle for more than half of the regular price in retail stores? Then chances are that it’s a fake. Unless it’s a verified seller and they’re having a Christmas clearance sale.
  • You’re buying from a street seller – street vendor (especially when travelling) are notorious sellers of fake perfume. After all, you won’t be able to find them after you’ve found out that you got scammed.

If any of the previous signs concerns you – please answer the following 5 questions. Some questions are a definitive indicator of a fake bottle. And others could indicate the Davidoff Cool Water Original VS Fake.

Here they are:

#1 Is the name spelled correctly?

This one is a definitive indicator that you’ve got a fake Cool Water bottle. Even though it may seem obvious to you… I’ve recently read a couple of discussion where a person asked if his bottle was a fake.

And the name on the box was Davidofe…

Please don’t be so naive. The name on the box will always be Davidoff.

If there’s anything else written on it, then you can be sure that someone has been faking it. I repeat, if the name on the bottle is not the original Davidoff Cool Water – then please don’t buy it.

davidoff cool water original vs fake
This is how the bottle and the box should look like. If they look different from it is a fake one.

#2 How does the box look like?

The name is not the only thing that indicates whether you’ve got a fake or not. Some producers of fake perfumes spell the name correctly, but then change the way the box looks like.

Above I’ve put a picture that shows you exactly what the box should look like. If you’ve got a different box – then you’ve bought a fake bottle. Or if you haven’t bought it yet, don’t buy it!

#3 Is the smell like it should be?

Before you buy a perfume you should always test it. Spray a bit on a test stick (or your wrist) and see if the perfume smells like it should. If it’s a bit watery or muddy, then it can be fake. Or if the smell if very chemical, then it’s better to not buy it.

The difference between Davidoff Cool Water original VS fake is that the fake one:

  • smells chemically right off the bat
  • doesn’t last as long as the real one
  • is more watery

Tip: whenever you’re flying (or at a good perfume store), try out the testers in the duty-free shops. Make a mental note of how the perfume smells and check how long it lasts on you. If you’ve come across a street seller later, you can then compare the 2 scents and see if it’s a real or fake perfume.

Smell is subjective and sometimes the formula of a perfume is changed over the years – so if the smell i slightly off it doesn’t have to mean that the Cool Water isn’t the original one. If the answers to questions 4 and 5 are also suspicious, you’re better off not buying.

#4 What’s the price (compared to regular retail prices)?

Another good indicator that you’re buying a non-original perfume is that the price is way off. If it’s a lot cheaper than the regular retail price (barring a special sale for the holidays), then chances are high that you’re buying a spin-off. After all, if it would’ve been the real Davidoff Cool water… it wouldn’t have such a low price!



#5 Is the seller reputable?

If you’ve answered the previous questions and you’re still not sure if you’ve got a real Davidoff Cool Water perfume or not. Then it’s a good idea to check the seller.

Is it a large department store that only sells other good high quality brands that has been around for a long time? Chances are high it’s a real bottle.

Or is it a small store in a foreign country that looks like they would even sell your kidneys if they could get their hands on it? Then you’re better off skipping the store.

And as for street sellers: I’d argue against them. There might be some who sell quality perfume but the majority (read 95% and higher) are selling the fake products.

Conclusion Davidoff Cool Water original VS fake

You’ve reached the end of this article. So by now you should have a good idea if the Cool Water bottle you’re about to buy is an original one. If you’re still not sure – but really want the original one… then it’s better to wait and buy it from a reputable store.

Cool Water is a great scent that suits many people. And I’ve always gotten a clot of compliments when wearing it. If you’re unsure where to buy the original Davidoff Cool Water, I recommend you get it on Amazon:

Order the real Davidoff Cool Water on Amazon!




P.S. did you know that Davidoff Cool Water is one of the best rated perfumes out there by blind tests? Order your ORIGINAL Cool Water here!

Aqva Pour Homme – A Women’s Perspective

This is an editorial note from a girlfriend of the blog:

After reading some great reviews online, I bought this Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari as a gift set for my boyfriend.  He had already tried   Bvlgari BVL Pour Homme and Bvlgari Man in Black before, so I wanted him to try something different. And boy did he love the product. According to him, this was the by far best aquatic he has ever tried.  The product overall has an oceanic vibe and feel to it. Ideal for spring, summer and during rain.

After trying the product for around a week or two, here is our final review on Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari.

First Impressions:

The Aqva pour Homme comes in a standard Bvlgari box, which is extremely detailed and opens on the front. Inside you will find a silver Bvlgari logo and your bottle of Aqva pour Homme. On the bottom of your bottle, you will find a small card detailing the product lineup for Bvlgari. The presentation of the box is extremely stylish and modern.

The bottle of  Aqva pour Homme like other Bvlgari products looks extremely unique and the sprayer is built into the bottle. Which gives it a crazy stylish look. On the front and back of the bottle, you get Bvlgari logo carved and bottle feels very premium to hold.

Released in 2005, Aqva Pour Homme is an elegant, fresh masculine scent.  Right out of the box you can smell the citrusy refreshing fragrance with a masculine woody scent to it. Larger 3.4 oz bottle costs around 80$ and the smaller 1.7 oz bottle comes around at 62$. Despite a slightly higher price, this Aqva pour Homme is defiantly the best value for your money.

Top notes are mandarin, petit grain and orange. Whereas middle notes are lavender, cotton, posidinea seaweed and base notes are amber, mineral, clay sage and woody.  This masculine fragrance mix was designed by Jacques Cavallier. As Cavallier quotes “His inspiration for this fragrance came from deep water” and this fragrance clearly gives a deep water, beach and aquatic vibe as compared to marine vibe by aqva marine.

Upon your first spray, you can instantly experience the seaweed and aquatic atmosphere. And as my boyfriend puts it, some fragrances take him places and Aqva Pour Homme is definitely one of them.


Longevity: 7/10
As read online, Longevity varies from person to person, but in our trial we found Aqva Pour Homme to last anywhere from around 8 to 10 hours after a few sprays. After 6 or 7 hours of wear, the scent started to fade away a bit but still was quite strong.

But again, longevity highly varies from person to person. I have had some of my friends complain that this product doesn’t even last a good 6/7 hours on them.  So I would give longevity an average 7 out of 10.

Projection:  9.5/10

Overall, the product feels very soft and refreshing on the skin surface and lasts a long time.  My boyfriend describes this masterpiece as “ocean in a bottle”, and he feels like God of the ocean after wearing it.  Maybe this is the reason why Aqva Pour Homme is also known as Poseidon’s signature scent. Too bad that they don’t make it unisex.

“Clean, aromatic, pleasurable, energetic, crisp and full of life.”

It is also a multipurpose wear fragrance, you can wear it casually, on a date, outdoors. But I wouldn’t recommend this fragrance for work. Since the projection is not same on everyone, you might have to experiment and see what works best for you.

Projection is almost all day long, from the first time you spray it, it projects extremely well. That is why I have decided to give it a solid 9.5 out of 10 rating.

Scent:  8.5/10

In my opinion, the fragrance is well balanced, it is a little bit saltier than Marine and there is a slight unique sweetness to it as well. In the beginning, you may feel a strong citrus scent, may be slight lemon-ish or cucumber-ish scent as well. Aqva Pour Homme starts just like all other aquatics in the market, but within a minute or two it slowly fades away and aquatic scent takes over. You can feel the algae, grainy sand and floral goodness. I love the scent due to its strong salty tone, as it reminds me of the ocean every time I smell it.

Over time you may notice its lavender, salt and brine scent with a touch of wood and spices. But unless you are wearing it for a long enough time and have an extremely good nose, you won’t notice it that much.  The longer you apply, the more scents you will discover. These hidden fragrances give it a sense of mystery and prevent it from being out of date or getting boring.

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme is one of the more classic summer fragrances for men which was launched in early 2005. Even a decade after its launch, the fragrance is still very popular today. It is also important to note that this fragrance is not suited for all personalities, on my boyfriend, for example, the fragrance looks very masculine and suits very well. But it may not be the same for you.

I have decided to give scent an outstanding 8.5 out of 10 rating.

Price:  7.5/10

Depending on your source of purchase aqva pour homme will cost you anything from around 50$ for smaller (1.7 oz) bottle to $80 for a larger (3.4oz) bottle.  The price is not the cheapest and there are other alternatives which offer the same quality at cheaper prices.  But by far this is one of the best aquatics and gives you the best value for your money.

What you might not like:

If you are a guy looking for a strict aquatic fragrance, then aqva pour Homme might disappoint you as it is not a strictly aquatic but rather combination of aquatic, woody and spicy aroma.  Also, the fragrance is not suited for everyone and you might also end up hating the product. The seaweed saltiness and change of fragrance over time might also put you off.  Other than that this is a very well built fragrance for casual and formal wear.

Age Group:  Aqva pour Homme is best suited for the age group of 25 and up since it is vfery masculine and deep mature fragrance not ideal for younger generation. If you are someone under 25 I would suggest using Bvlgari men in black or BVL pour homme.

When to wear:

This fragrance is best suited for hot, humid summer days and anytime you are planning to visit the beach.  However, you can also wear this fragrance during a light rain, going swimming or on a pool party. You can enjoy the marine vibe and cool breeze on your face even on the hottest of summer days. One day he even wore this during gym and received so many compliments that he decided not to wear it in closed spaces!

But one downside to note is that you can’t really wear this on a dry or cold day. As the scent isn’t that strong and cannot give you the depth, immersive feeling you are looking for.  However, due to its strong woody scent, you can get away by wearing it during fall.

Where to Wear:

Just like any other aquatic, you need at least 3 or 4 good sprays. I would recommend 2 on the chest and 2 on the neck for longer lasting results. You can also spray on both of your hands if you are looking for a heavy fragrance. But be sure not to go more than that.

Side Effects: I remember reading some of the reviews stating that this fragrance made them sick or wanted to throw up. That might be a true especially if you are in a closed room and have applied in excessive amount. But neither I nor my boyfriend experienced nauseated feeling or skin burns as complained by others.  But on a strong application, you can definitely feel the fragrance a lot and that can be a problem for someone with a sensitive nose or who isn’t fond of this smell. So be careful about it and do what works the best for you and your significant other.

Final Thoughts:

“If God were to make a fragrance of the ocean, it would be Bvlgari aqva pour homme!”

Hands down this is the best aquatic product out there, and a must have in everyman’s wardrobe collection.  And if you are familiar with other Bvlgari brand products, then you should definitely give this product a try. And I guarantee that it will become your personal go-to summer fragrance.

I personally love this product on him, as the signature fragrance is quite pleasant. and especially if you don’t have a collection of many different fragrances, then aqva pour Homme definitely is your all season fragrance.  Your partner or friends will defiantly compliment you on this one.  Take my word on it!



P.S. if you want to read more about this perfume, read the Aqva Bvlgari review on the blog!

Bvlgari Aqva Smell – A Quick Overview Of Everything You Need To Know

Before we start this article, I’d like to ask you a quick question. It’s a very simple question with an easy answer. Here it comes. “Why do people buy a perfume?” The answer is of course because it smells good. And that’s exactly why we’ll discuss the Bvlgari Aqva smell here today.

So if you’re unsure whether Aqva Bvlgari Pour Homme is the right perfume for you, then continue reading to find out everything about the main accords, top notes, middle notes and base notes of the perfume!

What does Bvlgari Aqva smell like? Quick overview

My first reaction when I first smelled the perfume was that it was had very fresh citrus smell. It reminded me of a vacation in Greece near the oceans when I found an orange tree near the water. The smell of the sea mixed with oranges was exactly what Bvlgari Aqva reminded me of.

But of course you shouldn’t just take my opinion for it… That’s why I’ve done my homework to find out what over 2000 other people think of Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme.

And here are the results…

We’ll start with the main accords, as they’re the main component of the perfume. Here’s an overview of the 5 main accords of the Bvlgari Aqva smell:

  1. Marine
  2. Citrus
  3. Aromatic
  4. Woody
  5. Fresh spicy

As you can see the perfume is perfect if you want to give of a fresh youthful vibe. Which is exactly what many others have experienced too. Another thing many users wholeheartedly agree on is that it’s a real summer perfume. Which is exactly what you expect from such a marine scent.

Also, this makes it a real perfume for wearing during the day. Even though I’ve worn it on many occasions at night (especially on a warm summer night Aqva is gold!), I also agree that during daytime is when the fragrance really shines.

bvlgari aqva smell
Wear it in the summer during the day – you won’t regret it!

So now, for the people who really want an in-depth analysis of the Bvlgari Aqva smell – we’re going into the top, middle and base notes!

Bvlgari Aqva – the top notes

According to the perfume review site Fragrantica the top notes of Bvlgari Aqva are:

  • Petitgrain
  • Orange
  • Mandarin orange

The top notes usually last around 20-30 minutes and I find myself that the main note that rules when you first apply the perfume is the mandarin orange.

The top notes are especially fresh and chances and it’s a great perfume to apply on your wrists. Why?

Because that way you’ll be able to keep smelling yourself – and getting a little hit of the top notes.

Bvlgari Aqva – the middle notes

The middle notes on the other hand leave some of the citrus freshness that the top notes give you – but they offer something very good in return…

  • Seaweed
  • Lavender
  • Cotton flower

Especially the seaweed is a pleasure. If you’ve ever took a morning swim in a fresh sea or ocean you’ll instantly recognize the smell. It is so incredibly fresh that putting on the fragrance makes me energized the moment I put it on.

I would even say that if Bvlgari Avqa only offered the middle notes – I would still buy it and use it as one of my staple fragrances!

Bvlgari Aqva – the base notes

After the middle notes you encounter the base notes. They are very basic and offer a strong base perfume that doesn’t offend anyone. The base notes are as follows:

  • Clary sage
  • Amber
  • Woodsy notes
  • Virginia Cedar
  • Patchouli

Longevity and sillage of the Bvlgari Aqva smell

When choosing a perfume, you usually not only decide on the smell alone. You take into consideration a host of other factors such as the longevity and the sillage.

What does longevity mean?

Simple, longevity for a perfume means how long the effects of the perfume are. For example, when I wear Aqva Bvlgari, I (and others) can usually smell the perfume well till around 9 hours after I sprayed it.

As for Bvlgari Aqva, the longevity is pretty well compared to most perfumes. Check the picture below to see what I mean. The Bvlgari Aqva smell is moderate to long-lasting.

BVlgari Aqva longevity
As you see, Bvlgari Aqva has a longevity that is moderate to long-lasting. Sillage is average, exactly how you want it – not too strong, and also not too weak.


So, now onto sillage – what does it exactly mean? Well, sillage is the name we give to the ‘range’ of the perfume.

When a perfume has a soft sillage, it means that only you and people very close to you can smell it.

This might be preferred when you’re looking for a perfume that is only for you and your partner for example.

When a perfume has a heavy or enormous sillage, it means that everyone around will be able to smell it. And they will smell it very well.

When dealing with a fragrance that has a very heavy silage, you need to watch out that you don’t over spray it. 1 or 2 sprays is usually enough on key parts of the body.

Luckily, the Bvlgari Aqva smell is right in the middle with a moderate sillage. This is exactly the sweet spot where you want your fragrance to be – not so soft that only you can smell it, but also not too heavy that it will be the only thing people smell when you’re around.

Like the Bvlgari Aqva smell? Get yourself a bottle!

Chances are that after reading how Bvlgari Aqva smells like – you’re interested in the perfume. So, what to do if you want to get yourself a bottle of this marine perfume?

With too many online stores you can just never be too sure whether they’re actually selling what they’re saying that they are selling.

I got my bottle from Amazon and therefore I know Amazon sells the real stuff.

Click here to get yourself a bottle of Bvlgari Aqva!

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme FAQ – The Specifics of the Fragarance Explained

After reading my review of Bvlgari Aqva, chances are that you’re curious about the specific of the perfume. You know, the meaty details of Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme. How long does it last? For who is it a good fragrance? And more of these questions.

I believe it’s always a good idea to know as much as possible of the details of a perfume (or something in general) before I buy. Maybe you’re the same. Or maybe you’re just looking for a quick answer to one of the questions you have about the perfume from Bvlgari.

Whatever your reason for visiting this page, here’s a quick overview of the FAQ:

  1. How long does it last?
  2. Who should wear Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme?
  3. What is a good price for a bottle?
  4. What are the main tones?
  5. Does the fragrance irritate the skin or nose?
  6. Where should I apply it?
  7. When is the best time of the year to wear Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme?
  8. Where can I buy a bottle for myself?

So, let’s not wait any longer and let’s dive into the specifics of this great marine fragrance!

Bulgari Aqua
After using Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme for several years, I decided to write this FAQ to give you all specifics you need!

How long does it last?

As with any perfume, the longevity of Bvlgari Aqva Pour homme depends on the user itself. longevity is a byproduct of your own body chemistry, heat, and the ingredients of the fragrance.

Therefore each person experiences the longevity of a fragrance different. For instance, the perfume might have been evaporate of the skin of your friend after 4 hours. Whereas you’re still smelling it after 8.

Another thing that might happen is that in winter the longevity for you is a bit longer than in summer. All related to body temperature.

So, if longevity of a perfume is so unstable and depends on the wearer, how can we accurately decide on an answer to this question? Well, the answer is simple. Some perfumes are made out of higher quality ingredients – therefore last longer on about any person. Even though there might be some differences between person, Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme has a good longevity in general.

How long?

To answer that, I have prepared a little study and researched some experiences of other people – as well as myself.

When I wear the fragrance, it lasts about 9 hours on my skin. That is, till I can no longer smell it. Although, if I smell the clothes that were close to the point where I applied the fragrance the next day – I can still smell it.

For me it’s around 9 hours.

As for others, let me show what the user poll of Fragrantica says about the perfume:

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme
Over 700 users have voted for Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme – It’s a moderate to long-lasting fragrance!

So, Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme is a moderate to long-lasting fragrance!

Who should wear Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme

So, now that you know what the longevity of the perfume is, we’re going to another topic. It’s an often overlooked topic for int he fragrance community, even though it’s of vital importance.

Who should wear the perfume?

Many perfume creators don’t make that much of a distinction in their fragrances – after all, they just want to sell as much as humanly possible!

But think about it. There are so many different kinds of guys: young and old, athletic and scholarly, light toned and coloured, bad-boy and ideal son-in-law. And the list goes on and on.

So does it make sense for a scholarly type of guy to be wearing the same type of fragrance as a bad boy on a motorcycle. Well, it’s possible. But it sure as hell would be better for each to pick a perfume that suits their own image and complements it to create an even better total picture.

And that’s why I’m about to tell you which kinds of guys should be wearing Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme:

  • If you’re an athletic type of guy. Or, that’s the image you want to convey
  • If you don’t take life to seriously, and like to have some fun
  • If you want to give people the image of you as a spontaneous energy-filled man

So, if you can find yourself in one (or all three) of these ‘requirements’ for Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme, then you’ve passed the test!

What is a good price for a bottle?

So, now that we’re sure that you know the perfume is right for you – it’s important that you know what the prices are that you pay for a bottle of Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme –the real bottle

If you want a bottle of around 150 ml, (5 ounces), the price ranges between $45 and $70. Which is pretty cheap for a brand perfume like this!

So, why the difference between prices? Well, there’s of course the difference between normal retail and online retail. Because normal retail has more overhead and rent to pay – online retailers offer you a better price.

There’s only one thing that you’ve got to look out for. And that’s whether you get the real deal or not. it doesn’t make any sense to pay low and get a bottle of fake perfume…

That’s why it’s always good to be sure that the company you’re buying from (online or not) is selling you the real fragrance. For these reasons, when you’re looking for the best place to get yourself a bottle of Bvlgari Aqva Pour homme – go to Amazon!

What are the main tones?

I’ve written an entire article about the specific smell and main tones of the fragrance, so if you want to know the details, you can go there. But if you’re okay with a quick overview, you can read further.

The main tones of the fragrance are the following:

  1. Marine
  2. Citrus
  3. Aromatic
  4. Woody
  5. Fresh spicy

So, as you see the smell is a very mediterranean one. It reminds you of the ocean, see and of delicious citrus fruits. Whenever I smell it, I always think of the sea.

That’s what I love so much about the fragrance. It simply brings back good memories of long vacations on the beach, taking walks and going for morning a swim.

Actually, that’s a great way to summarize it. Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme smells like a morning swim in the ocean. And then, when you come back to your room or apartment, your girl has already made you fresh squeezed orange juice.

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme faq
Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme smell like a morning swim in the ocean – followed by tasty freshly squeezed orange juice

Here’s an article completely dedicated to how great the perfume smells.

Does the fragrance irritate the skin or nose?

If there’s one thing that keeps people from using perfume (after simply not knowing what benefits wearing a good fragrance can offer you), it’s that they airways or skin gets irritated when wearing a specific perfume.

The main perfumes that seem to cause this are:

  • Cheap perfumes (you know,the non-branded ones you can buy at small stores for $12)
  • Fake perfumes

Both have in common that they are virtually always made with inferior ingredients. This causes your skin to become itchy where you applied the perfume. And whenever you breathe the perfume (especially when you apply it on your neck), it has a way of filling up your lungs with a chemical feeling smell.

This is bad.

I have experienced this before with some perfumes, and even though I sometimes like the smell of them, I simply cannot wear them because of the itchiness and the way they make my airways congested.

Luckily, Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme is made with good ingredients. Therefore it won’t give you any of the problems that inferior perfumes give you.

Even when you apply it on your neck (which is a great place to apply perfume, as your neck radiates heat), you’ll still be able to breathe perfectly.

Now I know this question doesn’t apply to anyone, but for those who sometimes experience itchiness or breathing problems with specific perfumes, knowing about it beforehand can be a lifesaver!

Where should I apply it?

As I explained in the last paragraphs, one of the places on your body that is perfectly suited for applying a fragrance is on your neck. In addition there are 6 other body parts that are equally well-suited for putting perfume on.

Here they are:

  • Lower jaw
  • Shoulder
  • Chest
  • Inner elbow
  • Forearm
  • Wrist

Why these places? Simple. It’s because these parts of your body radiate heat. And that’s exactly what you want. When you apply it (it is recommended to choose 1 or 2 of these spots), the perfume will mix with your natural body chemistry. And the heat produced by these parts will send out the fragrance and leave a trail of perfume behind you.

If you want to know more about this, you can read my article about how to wear perfume here.

When is the best time of the year to wear Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme?

Because the main accords of perfume are marine and citrus, the best time of the year to wear Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme is in summer or spring. It’s a great fragrance to wear when the sun is out and it’s getting warmer every day.

Also, if you’re off on a vacation to the sun, bring a small bottle with you!

Even though the best time of the year to wear Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme is during the spring and summer, you can still wear it in fall or winter.

Especially during the darker days it’s always good to have something that reminds you of summer – so just wear a summer fragrance that will brighten your day!

Where can I buy a bottle for myself?

We discussed this before briefly when talking about the price of a bottle of this perfume. It’s generally better to buy it on the internet because the prices tend to be lower.

But there’s one caveat though. You’ve got to find the real perfume.


So, don’t wait any longer – Click here to get yourself a bottle of Bvlgari Avqa Pour Homme & feel the freshness this summer fragrance gives you!





P.S. If you’re interested in a fragrance that not only smells incredibly fresh and sea-like, but also gets you compliments of all the women in your life, then get yourself a bottle of Bvlgari Aqva!

Aqva Bvlgari Fake – 5 Signs That Tell Whether Your Bottle Is Real Or Not

aqva bulgari fake vs originalEver been on holiday to a warm country? Then you’ve probably seen all the street merchants sell every possible luxury item you can find. Purses, designer bags, watches… and of course perfumes. For crazy low prices. So with these guys it’s obvious they are not the real ones. But even some other less shady places sometimes sell fake perfumes… So how do you know if you have an Aqva Bvlgari fake?

Well, luckily for us there a some signs that you can use to check whether the bottle you’re about to buy is real or fake. So if you’re in a store and want to find out if you’re buying the real deal or not, then continue reading…

Is your Aqva Bvlgari fake?

As I said before, perfumes are very susceptible to fakes. That is because in contrast to, for example designer bags or watches, it is pretty difficult to check the quality while buying. Your Aqva Bvlgari fake will smell just the same as the real one when you try it on in a shop.

The smell will be the same citrus marine scent as for the real one.

Only after wearing it for some time, it will start to show that the ingredients used were of low quality. How? because the longevity will be weak, so where the real perfume last up to 9 hours, the Aqva Bvlgari fake will last anywhere between an hour to several hours.

Another thing that can happen is that the top notes will be about the same as the real one, but that the base and lower notes (which come through later) will be completely different from the real perfume.

So, even though the price you would’ve paid for the fake one would be a lot less, it wouldn’t be worth it, as the quality would be too bad. You would have to be reapplying every couple of hours and there’s even the possibility the bad quality of the ingredients can harm your skin or breathing tract.

Anyway, before we get started with all the signs of the Aqva Bvlgari fake, I want to give you one tip. Prevention is better than curing. It’s better to get your bottle from a verified seller. You can click here to get yourself a real bottle on Amazon.

Here are 5 signs of the Aqva Bvlgari fake

Luckily for us most designers of fake perfumes are pretty smart. Why smart? Because even though the bottles and packages of the fake perfume really resemble the real Aqva Bvlgari perfume, they’re different in a lot of key aspects.


Because otherwise they would get sued by Bvlgari. And since Bvlgari is a big company that possesses a lot of legal power, most designers of fake perfumes wouldn’t want to mess with them.

So what do designers of fake perfume did?

Simple, they made the design of the Aqva Bvlgari fake so, that it would differ from the real one in key aspects – such as font, smell, and even the logo.

So know that we know that the fake ones differ from the real in several aspects, let’s find out what the trademarks of the Aqva Bvlgari fake are!

#1 The appearance of the box

Just like other perfumes, Aqva Bvlgari is sold in a nice box. And this box can already give away whether the perfume is real or fake. There are two main differences:

  • The real box has more of a shine to it (if you look closely it reflects a bit)
  • On the real box, the Aqva Pour Homme logo is written within a silver rectangle, where the logo of the Aqva Bvlgari fake has no rectangle around it

#2 The writing on the box

Next we have the writing and symbols on the box. The main differences here are:

  • The writing on the back of the box is not very pronounced and is tough to read (the font is small). Again, the box reflects a bit when you’re in a light room.
  • The Aqva Bvlgari fake has an inflammable symbol on it and shows the expiration date (the real perfume has none of these)

#3 The inside of the box

Inside of the box there are two giveaways whether it’s real or not:

  • The cardboard inside the real box is stronger and does not bend
  • The real box has its cardboard arranged in such a way that it gives more protection during transport to the bottle of perfume

#4 The logo on the bottle

Now that we’ve discussed the box of the Bvlgari Aqva perfume, it’s time to get to the bottle itself. Even though it might be a bit more difficult to find out here if you’ve got a Aqva Bvlgari fake in your hands – it still is possible with the help of the following knowledge:

  • The logo on the real bottle says “Aqva Pour Homme” on the transparent part. For the Aqva Bvlgari fake it says “Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme”.
  • The bottle of the real perfume has a simpler design. Take a look below to see how the real bottle looks like


aqva bvlgari fake bulgari
Be sure to check if the bottle is real

#5 The code on the bottle

Apart from the logo, the text on the back of the bottle also gives away whether you’ve got the real bottle or not. For instance:

  • The real bottle has information specified on the back of the bottle. The fake one does not.
  • The code on the real bottle always has to match the code on the box.

Is the price too good to be true?

Often, a person selling a fake perfume will have either a price that is way too high – or way too low. After all, since it’s a fake they can get away with asking much lower prices. So the chances of someone buying it will be higher.

That’s why I always recommend you to check what the market prices are. Just go to Amazon for example and check the perfume that you’re about to buy (don’t forget to correct for the size and volume!). That way you’ll know approximately what a good price is to pay for the Aqva Bvlgari perfume.



Where to get the real perfume

As you can see it’s pretty easy to spot the Aqva Bvlgari fake bottle and box from the real one. Designers of the fake perfume have done their best to make the first impression look the same as the real bottle – but have made changes in a couple of key elements.

So, if you find yourself in a shady little shop trying to find an Aqva Bvlgari bottle, you know what to look for.

Alternatively – I recommend you only go to verified sellers. This way you’re sure that your bottle contains the real Aqva Bvlgari Pour Homme.


P.S. And if you want it delivered straight to your door, while being a 100% sure of the quality… then you can go to Amazon to get yourself a real bottle of Aqva Bvlgari!

Benefits Of Wearing Perfume – You’d Be Crazy Not To Try It

Ever wondered how your life would change if you would find that one perfect perfume for you? What would happen if all the women in your life would find your smell crazy attractive? Smell is the strongest of the senses of the human body, therefore you’d be crazy to miss out on the benefits of wearing perfume that a good cologne has to offer.

In this article you can find out all the benefits of wearing perfume that you’ll experience by wearing a good perfume that suits your style and body chemistry.

So, let’s not wait anymore and dive into it!

Benefits of wearing perfume

Benefit # 1 – Attractive to women

The first and biggest reason why men wear perfume is to smell better for the ladies. People have been using all kinds of scents for over thousands of year to make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex.

If people have been doing this for such a long time, you can accept that there at least has to be some kind of truth in it – and there is. Science has backed up that the most powerful factor for women choosing a man is scent.

Men use their eyes, and women use their nose. Even though most women are not aware of this, their subconscious does this for them. And there’s a good reason for this. Women have been evolutionary primed to go for a men whose smell is compatible with her own.

This is because the way you smell is a very complex product. A woman can (subconsciously) smell how:

  • Healthy you are
  • Strong your immune system is
  • Compatible you are with her

It actually has been proven that women find men more attractive who have different immune defenses than themselves. And guess how they (again subconsciously) find this out? you guessed it right – by smell.


Benefit # 2 – Makes your more impressive (memorable)

We all know that if you’re dressed sharply you feel more confident and in power of yourself and the world. What if there was a way of enhancing that feeling?

Well, there is. And wearing a perfume that resonates with your style and personality gives you even more confidence and makes you feel better about yourself.

And other people (even people you’re not dating) will notice this. Not only will your increased confidence make all your interactions go smoother, but people like it when you’re wearing a nice fragrance (since it smells good).

Another benefit is that you’ stand out more from others. Ever had a social event where there was just one woman who stood out to you because you was just smelling so damn good? Chances are you still remember her and think fondly about her.  And you can also use this to your advantage by wearing a good smelling fragrance that fits you.

Benefit #3 – Stronger emotional impressions

Like I said before, smell is the strongest of the human senses. You can detect over a trillion different smells (where your eyes can only detect about 7000 different colors). That is why sometimes when you smell a very specific smell, you immediately go back in time to a certain moment when you also smelled it.

For instance, my granddad used to roll his own very strong cigarettes. Even though he passed away over 10 years ago I still think of him every single time I smell his type of tobacco. That is how powerful smell can be.

And what does this mean to you? Simple, by having a certain perfume be your ‘staple’ smell, you will be able to make very strong emotional connections. To women you’re interested in, but also to your family and friends.

One last thing – perfume as a mood enhancer

There is one last thing I have to tell you after listing you all the benefits of wearing perfume. And that is basically a combination of the three things mentioned before with a little twist…

They also work on yourself.

What do I mean by this? Simple, when there’s a specific perfume you wear all the time in a certain phase of your life – let’s say there’s one scent you always wear when going to the office.

Even if after you lose your job and go to work for another company, putting on the smell will make you feel like your still at the first company (assuming you’ve worked there long enough for the effect to kick in).

This amazing effect (called anchoring) is something that you can use to your advantage. Allow me to explain. Let’s say you’re interested in getting more success with the women in your life. And you have a certain fragrance that you only wear when you go out on a date.

After a couple of dates while wearing this perfume (remember, only use it for dates!) your subconscious will associate the smell with you going on a date.

So the moment might come that you’ve got a date planned, but you’re really not in the mood for it. What to do? Simple, put on your ‘date-perfume’!

Since you’ve done this so many times before – your brain will automatically go into date mood and you’ll remember all the previous succesful dates. You’ll have no problem being the confident man who you want to be.

And you can apply this to any situation or mood in your life!

P.S. my recommended perfume

After reading this article with all the benefits of wearing perfume, chances are big  you’re curious to find out what my recommended perfume is if you want to:

  • Have a ‘staple’ smell that smells good wherever you go
  • Makes the women in your life ask ”what that godly smell is that you’re wearing”
  • Will make you feel good about yourself (cause you just smell good!)
  • And lasts long enough with the right strength so you can wear it all day long and not be worried if others can ‘still feel it’

Then check out this article to find it out!

How To Wear Perfume (& Why So Many People Waste Their Perfume)

We live in a world in which only 20% of men regularly use perfume. And that might sound like a lot to some. Truth is, even if you apply a perfume, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually know how to wear perfume. 

Wearing perfume is a delicate matter in which most guys unfortunately do not have the intuitive skills many women have.

Not knowing how to wear perfume does not only make you waste your perfume (and your hard-earned money), but it does one more thing that might surprise you…

It actually makes your perfume smell less good.

What I mean by that is that if you don’t apply it the right way – and let it mix with your natural body chemistry it will be less effective.

And less effective here can mean several things. Either the perfume will be less strong. So nobody will be able to smell it.

Or it can be too strong (and we’ve all been around men who used way too much cologne for it to smell good anymore)

It can also make you smell too chemical. Therefore it’s important that you know how to wear perfume the right way.

But before we get into how to do that, let me show you a couple of ways many people waste their expensive fragrances.

Why so many people waste their perfume

A penny saved is a penny earned, and this also goes for fragrances. You want to use your fragrance in strategic places where they get the chance to mix well with your own body chemistry.

Therefore there are several things many people do that are a waste of good cologne. Take a look at the following list and see if you are making one of the following mistakes:

  • You’re putting your perfume on clothes. Always put perfume on bare skin so it can mix well with your own smell. Also, the longitude drastically decreases when applied to clothes.
  • Spraying in a cloud and walking through it. It might look like the right way to make your entire body covered in your perfume, but all it does it waste the fragrance. Not only does it not get applied well enough to your own body – you’re also mainly getting it on your clothes.
  • Another mistake is that people simply apply their perfume in the wrong places. Like on hair or the back of your neck. I have dedicated an entire section below to which body parts should be used for applying perfume.
  • The last thing you could be doing wrong is rubbing the perfume after you’ve put it on. Maybe you just put a lot of perfume on one wrist and you want to ‘transfer’ it to the other. Don’t do this. The rubbing kills the note and breaks down the molecular bonds – making your perfume weaker.

As you see, there are many ways to waste your perfume, and now that you know what not to do, it’s time to go to the right way how to wear perfume…

My favorite perfume is Aqva Pour Homme

The right way how to wear perfume

We’ll dive right into the most asked question by people about how to wear perfume:

“Where do I apply it?”

In the last section we’ve dispelled a couple of common myths about places that are bad to apply your perfume to. So now it’s time to let you know which places you should apply it to. There are 7 places on the human body where perfume has the most effect:

The 7 recommended areas for wearing perfume

If you want to get the most out of your fragrance, pick one or two of the following places of your body and apply your perfume to it.

  • lower jaw
  • neck
  • shoulder
  • chest
  • inner elbow
  • forearm
  • wrist

Why these places? The answer is simple. Is because these places radiate heat. And that is exactly what makes them the most suitable for applying perfume to it.

By applying it to these places you’ll ensure that the perfume will mix well with your natural body chemistry and that the scent will radiate around you, creating a nice aura of good fragrance around you. It will also cause your body to push out the scent throughout the day. This will leave a nice trail of the perfume behind you everywhere you go.

How to wear perfume: the rules

Now that you know exactly where to apply your perfume, it’s time to get to the rules of wearing perfume. use these rules to get the most out of your perfume. This means that you’ll use less of the perfume to achieve the best smell.

After all, you don’t want to overdo perfume. So, let’s not wait anymore and start with the rules how to wear perfume:

  1. Start light.  Like I said before, you don’t want to be that guy who reeks of perfume. not only does it smell bad, it also makes you come across as a try hard. Therefore always start light with a perfume. It should be smelled 1 – 2 meters away from you, not all across the street.
  2. Apply it to the warmest parts of your body. These are the parts we discussed in the previous section.
  3. Don’t respray too soon. While you might feel that your smell is fading after a couple of hours (or maybe sooner) chances are big you’re only getting used to the smell of your perfume. Don’t respray right away otherwise you might break rule #1. If you have to respray it usually is good to do it on the wrists in the second part of the day.
  4. Avoid the mistakes. Covered in the first section on this page. Don’t spray it on your clothes or into a mist or break the note by rubbing it.

And that’s it. Of course there are more advanced ways to really get the most out of each bottle of perfume you own, but by following these rules and avoiding the mistakes most people make, you’ll get further than about 80% (if not more) of all people who wear perfume.



P.S. If you want to know which perfume I recommend if you want to smell good all day and receive compliments from women – then check out my Bvlgari Aqva review where I give you all the information you need about this citrus-marine scented fragrance.