fake polo perfumePerfumes are a luxury product. And that is exactly the reason why there are so many fake perfumes in this world. If you’re looking to buy a product than I recommend you do so in an original store (or a reputable reseller). However, sometimes you come across a good deal – or you don’t have access to an official seller – but you still want to buy perfume. That is why today we are going to discuss how you can sport a fake Polo perfume.

Note: this article is for you if you’re thinking whether a specific bottle of Polo perfume you’re about to buy might be fake. Answer the following 5 questions below and in 9 out of 10 cases you will be able to say with confidence whether the Polo perfume is real or not.


Be safe – always buy your Ralph Lauren Polo Perfume from reputable sellers!


Do you have a fake polo perfume?

Polo is a fragrance from Ralph Lauren. It’s a high-quality luxury perfume that is a great perfume – there are variants available for men and women. Here’s a list of the most popular Ralph Lauren Polo perfumes:

TIP: check the above links for high quality pictures of each bottle + package. So if you’re about to buy a Ralph Lauren Polo Red bottle at a store you don’t completely trust, then click the Red link. You can then compare your bottle and package to that of the original one.

ralph lauren polo black real or not
First thing to check is always if the bottle and package look like the original!

5 signs that your Polo perfume is not real:

#1 How does the package look?

The chances are high that the first thing you’re going to see from your bottle is the package. And that is the point where the first signs of a fake Polo perfume will be seen. For example:

  • Is the name spelled correctly? A wrongly spelled name is the first obvious sign of a fake Polo perfume. Might sound obvious – but always be sure to check that it’s not spelled Ralhp Lauren or something like that.
  • Does the box have the same shape? Every original Polo perfume box has the same square shape.
  • Is the picture the same? On every package there should be a picture of a polo player. Be sure to check if the picture has the same amount of details as the original bottle.
  • Does the small text correspond to the original? If all the rest looks good, then this is the final test. Check for small spelling mistakes and verify the text with that or the real Polo perfume battle.

For high quality images of Polo perfumes packages and bottles – please check the links in the previous paragraph! You will be able to find out exactly if your Polo perfume bottle is real or not.

#2 And the bottle?

It’s of course always possible that the seller just got some real packages and has put counterfeit Polo perfume bottles in them. That’s why it’s also important to check the bottle itself. Again, open a high-quality picture of the bottle that you’re comparing and ask yourself the ‘same’ questions:

  • Is the name on the bottle correctly spelled?
  • Is the shape of the bottle the same as the original Polo fragrance?
  • How does the picture of the polo player look?
  • Is the small text similar and without spelling mistakes?

If and the package and the bottle look completely the same, then chances are very high that your Polo perfume is real. However, if you really want to be sure – there are a couple more checks that you can to be sure that your Polo Perfume is original.

ralph lauren polo blue fake or not
If both the package and the bottle look exctly like the original – and the bottle is unopened – then you can buy with confidence.

#3 Can you verify the seller?

This is more of an art than science, but there are a couple of things that are red flags. For example if you’re buying from a street seller in a tourist hot spot. Don’t be naïve and don’t buy your perfume on the street.

However, there are also some stores that look normal and well that can also be selling fake Polo perfume. A good thing to check is their Google maps reviews. Mostly if it’s a real shop, then you can find them on Google maps. And if you can find them there, it means that people can leave reviews.

If the reviews of the seller on Google maps are vague and overly positive, then it might be that the owner had some friends write them. But if there are normal reviews of real people and the package/bottle look alright, then you can buy with confidence.

#4 Is the price too good to be true?

There are some more giveaways though that you’re dealing with fake Polo perfume. Always be sure to check what the market price is of the bottle. Don’t forget to compare the same volumes! 

If the price for a bottle is more than half than that what you’d pay at a reputable seller, it’s probably a fake. For prices of each bottle – check the links I gave you in the beginning!

#5 is the smell original?

I left this one till the end because it’s somewhat ambiguous. Every person perceives smells differently and therefore it’s a difficult objective measure to find out if your Polo perfume is real or not.

If possible, be sure to ask for a tester from the bottle. And see if you can wear it for a couple of hours and then come back for the purchase. Some fake Polo perfumes are really well-done and will smell exactly like the real one. But the cheaper ingredients usually make the smell last only for a short period of time until it dissipates from your skin.

One trick I recommend is next time you’re at an airport, to try out the Polo perfume of your choice and see how it smells. Also make a mental note of how long it takes for the smell to leave you. That way, when considering if the Polo bottle you’re about to buy is original or not – you have strong reference.

Final verdict fake Polo perfume

There are many signs that show if a Polo perfume is real or not – and with the help of these questions you will be able to correctly guess 9 out of 10 fake Polo perfumes.

However, if you’re still unsure – then it’s better to buy from a reputable seller. If this is you, then please check out the following links. Click the bottle of your choice and you’re sure to buy a real Polo perfume.


ralph lauren gift pack fake or not
P.S. Unsure which Polo fragrance you like the most? Then order the gift pack to try each smell! It contains 4 bottles (each Ralph Lauren Polo color) of 0.5 oz.

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