fake flowerbomb perfumeOne of the most popular Viktor & Rolf perfumes is the Flowerbomb perfume. It’s a very nice smelling fragrance for women and many women all over the world wear this perfume to smell good. Unfortunately that means that there are also many people trying to sell the fake Flowerbomb perfume. 

In this article you’re going to find out exactly how you can avoid buying a non-original Flowerbomb perfume. So if you have any doubts if your Flowerbomb perfume is real or not – then reading this article will show you the 5 questions that you can ask yourself to verify the bottle that you’re about to buy.

As always – I recommend you buy from official sellers. Click here for the original Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume!

Note: if you’re about to order/buy a Flowerbomb perfume and you want to be sure that it’s a real one, then you can ask yourself the 5 questions below. They will help you find out if the fragrance is real or not. This works in 9 out of 10 instances. So you won’t have to worry about buying a fake fragrance.

How to spot a Fake Flowerbomb Perfume

For quick identification of a fake Flowerbomb perfume – take the bottle you suspect might be fake, and then ask yourself the following 5 questions. You’ll identify if it’s real or not within a couple of minutes.

#1 How does the box look like?

The first thing to check is the box. If the box isn’t original, then chances are very high that people have been messing with the perfume. But how do you check if the box is real? The obvious thing to do is to verify it with an original box. Check out the following picture of the original Viktor & Rolf packaging:

how to tell if Flowerbomb perfume is real or not
Click the image to see more detailed pictures on Amazon.

You can click the image for more detailed pictures of the box and the bottle.

Now, that you’re looking at the original box, compare the 2. And ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the name correctly spelled? It should say Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb.
  2. Is the style of the package the same? Compare the 2 boxes and make sure the original lay-out (square box) is similar.
  3. Check the small text – are there any spelling mistakes or does it look weird to you? Or is there some other text than on the original bottle?

#2 Is the bottle real?

After we have seen the packaging – it is now the next section to make sure the bottle itself looks alright. Again, we can do this by comparing the original Flowerbomb perfume bottle with the suspected fake Flowerbomb perfume.

Here’s a picture of how the bottle should look:

viktor and rolf flowerbomb original vs fake
Make sure the logo and font match exactly!

You can click the image for a more detailed look of the bottle.

Ask yourself the same questions as with the packaging: is the name spelled correctly? And does it look like the original? One extra thing to always check with the bottle is if it is closed or not.

After all – even if the package and the bottle are exactly as original… if the cap was open, there could still be fake perfume inside. However, this doesn’t happen too  often. It would take a lot of effort for scammers to get a hold of used Flowerbomb bottles.

#3 Can the seller be trusted?

If the packaging and the bottle look alright and the bottle was closed, then most of the time you’re good to buy. However, if you want to be really sure, here are some more checks you can do. They will make it even more clear if you’re dealing with a fake Flowerbomb perfume or an original.

If you can verify the seller you can get a lot further. However, this isn’t always easy – especially if you’re buying from a lesser-known shop.

One of the tricks to see if the seller is reputable is to check Google Maps. Why this? Because if the store/seller would’ve scammed clients before with fake perfume, they sure would’ve said that in the reviews. So you can use this too to verify the seller.

Be warned though, that this isn’t completely waterproof. The seller may have fake reviews, or they might not be online at all.

#4 Is the price too good to be true?

Another thing that might be a red flag is if the price simply is too good to be true. If you see that the price (for the same volume) is half as much as what it costs in a normal store, then chances are high that it’s not real. So how do you check? Simple. You can do a quick Google search for the Flowerbomb price. Alternatively, you can check the price here on Amazon. It’s continually updated, so the price will be what the perfume cost at the moment.

Click here to check the Flowerbomb price on Amazon!


#5 How does the perfume smell?

There is a reason why I left this till the end. That is because it is very difficult for most people to judge a fake vs an original perfume. You see, the smells could be virtually the same at the beginning, however the fake Flowerbomb perfume might lose its longevity already after the first 2 hours – whereas the real one would easily get you 5+ hours (this depends on each person differently).

One little trick though that I personally often do is when I’m at an airport waiting for my plane, I go to the duty-free store and check out some of the fragrances that I’m interested in. I recommend you only take 1 and spray it on your wrists. Now, since you’re flying and have a lot of time, you can perfectly enjoy the smell and ‘monitor’ its effects. You’ll learn exactly how long the perfume lasts on you and the subtle smell changes it goes through.

Then next time when you’re buying perfume, you’ll have a perfect recall of how the perfume should smell and it will be easier to identify a fake Flowerbomb perfume.

Final verdict fake Flowerbomb perfume

If you follow these 5 questions/guidelines, it will be very easy for you to spot a fake Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume. If however, you’re still unsure, then I recommend you order it from a reputable seller.

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P.S. did this article help you identify your perfume as fake or original? If you’re unsure about the quality, then please don’t take any risks and order your real Flowerbomb perfume through the link above!

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