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After reading some great reviews online, I bought this Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari as a gift set for my boyfriend.  He had already tried   Bvlgari BVL Pour Homme and Bvlgari Man in Black before, so I wanted him to try something different. And boy did he love the product. According to him, this was the by far best aquatic he has ever tried.  The product overall has an oceanic vibe and feel to it. Ideal for spring, summer and during rain.

After trying the product for around a week or two, here is our final review on Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari.

First Impressions:

The Aqva pour Homme comes in a standard Bvlgari box, which is extremely detailed and opens on the front. Inside you will find a silver Bvlgari logo and your bottle of Aqva pour Homme. On the bottom of your bottle, you will find a small card detailing the product lineup for Bvlgari. The presentation of the box is extremely stylish and modern.

The bottle of  Aqva pour Homme like other Bvlgari products looks extremely unique and the sprayer is built into the bottle. Which gives it a crazy stylish look. On the front and back of the bottle, you get Bvlgari logo carved and bottle feels very premium to hold.

Released in 2005, Aqva Pour Homme is an elegant, fresh masculine scent.  Right out of the box you can smell the citrusy refreshing fragrance with a masculine woody scent to it. Larger 3.4 oz bottle costs around 80$ and the smaller 1.7 oz bottle comes around at 62$. Despite a slightly higher price, this Aqva pour Homme is defiantly the best value for your money.

Top notes are mandarin, petit grain and orange. Whereas middle notes are lavender, cotton, posidinea seaweed and base notes are amber, mineral, clay sage and woody.  This masculine fragrance mix was designed by Jacques Cavallier. As Cavallier quotes “His inspiration for this fragrance came from deep water” and this fragrance clearly gives a deep water, beach and aquatic vibe as compared to marine vibe by aqva marine.

Upon your first spray, you can instantly experience the seaweed and aquatic atmosphere. And as my boyfriend puts it, some fragrances take him places and Aqva Pour Homme is definitely one of them.


Longevity: 7/10
As read online, Longevity varies from person to person, but in our trial we found Aqva Pour Homme to last anywhere from around 8 to 10 hours after a few sprays. After 6 or 7 hours of wear, the scent started to fade away a bit but still was quite strong.

But again, longevity highly varies from person to person. I have had some of my friends complain that this product doesn’t even last a good 6/7 hours on them.  So I would give longevity an average 7 out of 10.

Projection:  9.5/10

Overall, the product feels very soft and refreshing on the skin surface and lasts a long time.  My boyfriend describes this masterpiece as “ocean in a bottle”, and he feels like God of the ocean after wearing it.  Maybe this is the reason why Aqva Pour Homme is also known as Poseidon’s signature scent. Too bad that they don’t make it unisex.

“Clean, aromatic, pleasurable, energetic, crisp and full of life.”

It is also a multipurpose wear fragrance, you can wear it casually, on a date, outdoors. But I wouldn’t recommend this fragrance for work. Since the projection is not same on everyone, you might have to experiment and see what works best for you.

Projection is almost all day long, from the first time you spray it, it projects extremely well. That is why I have decided to give it a solid 9.5 out of 10 rating.

Scent:  8.5/10

In my opinion, the fragrance is well balanced, it is a little bit saltier than Marine and there is a slight unique sweetness to it as well. In the beginning, you may feel a strong citrus scent, may be slight lemon-ish or cucumber-ish scent as well. Aqva Pour Homme starts just like all other aquatics in the market, but within a minute or two it slowly fades away and aquatic scent takes over. You can feel the algae, grainy sand and floral goodness. I love the scent due to its strong salty tone, as it reminds me of the ocean every time I smell it.

Over time you may notice its lavender, salt and brine scent with a touch of wood and spices. But unless you are wearing it for a long enough time and have an extremely good nose, you won’t notice it that much.  The longer you apply, the more scents you will discover. These hidden fragrances give it a sense of mystery and prevent it from being out of date or getting boring.

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme is one of the more classic summer fragrances for men which was launched in early 2005. Even a decade after its launch, the fragrance is still very popular today. It is also important to note that this fragrance is not suited for all personalities, on my boyfriend, for example, the fragrance looks very masculine and suits very well. But it may not be the same for you.

I have decided to give scent an outstanding 8.5 out of 10 rating.

Price:  7.5/10

Depending on your source of purchase aqva pour homme will cost you anything from around 50$ for smaller (1.7 oz) bottle to $80 for a larger (3.4oz) bottle.  The price is not the cheapest and there are other alternatives which offer the same quality at cheaper prices.  But by far this is one of the best aquatics and gives you the best value for your money.

What you might not like:

If you are a guy looking for a strict aquatic fragrance, then aqva pour Homme might disappoint you as it is not a strictly aquatic but rather combination of aquatic, woody and spicy aroma.  Also, the fragrance is not suited for everyone and you might also end up hating the product. The seaweed saltiness and change of fragrance over time might also put you off.  Other than that this is a very well built fragrance for casual and formal wear.

Age Group:  Aqva pour Homme is best suited for the age group of 25 and up since it is vfery masculine and deep mature fragrance not ideal for younger generation. If you are someone under 25 I would suggest using Bvlgari men in black or BVL pour homme.

When to wear:

This fragrance is best suited for hot, humid summer days and anytime you are planning to visit the beach.  However, you can also wear this fragrance during a light rain, going swimming or on a pool party. You can enjoy the marine vibe and cool breeze on your face even on the hottest of summer days. One day he even wore this during gym and received so many compliments that he decided not to wear it in closed spaces!

But one downside to note is that you can’t really wear this on a dry or cold day. As the scent isn’t that strong and cannot give you the depth, immersive feeling you are looking for.  However, due to its strong woody scent, you can get away by wearing it during fall.

Where to Wear:

Just like any other aquatic, you need at least 3 or 4 good sprays. I would recommend 2 on the chest and 2 on the neck for longer lasting results. You can also spray on both of your hands if you are looking for a heavy fragrance. But be sure not to go more than that.

Side Effects: I remember reading some of the reviews stating that this fragrance made them sick or wanted to throw up. That might be a true especially if you are in a closed room and have applied in excessive amount. But neither I nor my boyfriend experienced nauseated feeling or skin burns as complained by others.  But on a strong application, you can definitely feel the fragrance a lot and that can be a problem for someone with a sensitive nose or who isn’t fond of this smell. So be careful about it and do what works the best for you and your significant other.

Final Thoughts:

“If God were to make a fragrance of the ocean, it would be Bvlgari aqva pour homme!”

Hands down this is the best aquatic product out there, and a must have in everyman’s wardrobe collection.  And if you are familiar with other Bvlgari brand products, then you should definitely give this product a try. And I guarantee that it will become your personal go-to summer fragrance.

I personally love this product on him, as the signature fragrance is quite pleasant. and especially if you don’t have a collection of many different fragrances, then aqva pour Homme definitely is your all season fragrance.  Your partner or friends will defiantly compliment you on this one.  Take my word on it!



P.S. if you want to read more about this perfume, read the Aqva Bvlgari review on the blog!

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